2019 End of Year Message

Hello All,

As always, the 6 weeks of our program have flown by! Thank you for another wonderful summer. We enjoyed coming back to our home at Oakland Park and certainly put the new playground and surrounding grounds to good use!

It was a summer filled with beautiful weather, engaging activities, exciting trips, fun games and friendship. The 2019 Sunshine Summer ended with two celebrations: a talent show and the carnival. Thank you to all the parents who attended these celebrations and especially those of you who volunteered to help – these events are made more special through your support!

Thank you for sharing your children with us, they have filled our hearts with smiles and laughter and we hope to see them all next summer!

Take Care,
Jessica Peck
The Sunshine Group

A Very Special Thank You

Another summer, another package of memories to take with me when I leave.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, children, parents, bus drivers and staff for all the kind words, special gifts, and well-wishes that I received this summer. Being a part of the Sunshine Group family has been a joy and honor for me. I started as a parent volunteer, then counselor, then director. I watched it grow and become a program for ALL children – and I have worked with so many children and families!

I have to tell you that I have been fortunate to work with some of the best teenagers and young adults. They come to work here either because they have been young students, then counselors-in-training, and then, finally, sixteen, or because they heard about the program from friends who worked a summer, and decided they wanted to be a part of something so special. In either case, I have the most wonderful staff!

We work closely with the Medway Public Schools, and the staff is supportive and inclusive. I appreciate the alliance.

I pass the baton proudly to Jess Peck, new Director, and Mark San Clemente, new Assistant Director. They will continue to make The Sunshine Group one of the most unique and special programs that Medway has to offer.

I will miss being part of something so special, and will always remember the wonderful times; the exciting field trips, swimming at the Milford Pool, talent shows, carnivals and friendships. I hope everyone has a great school year… and THANK YOU… for everything.

Barbara Ohanian
Former Director of the Sunshine Group