Campers Take to the Stage with Puppets

The red carpet is calling for our campers to take a stroll!  What amazing performers we have here!  We have singers, dancers, musicians, artists, actors/actresses, and SO MUCH MORE!  Today we created puppets (getting ready for our fun trip tomorrow), designed dancers on their stage, and even made a HUGE mural with the sheet music for our theme song, “You are my sunshine.”  Everyone is staying cool and hydrated as Mother Nature heats up this week.  The weather may be hazy, but at camp, the sky is clear and the stars are shining!

*Reminder:  Please fill out the permission slip for tomorrow’s trip to the Puppet Theater.

Singing and Dancing Through the Week

Campers are singing and dancing their way through the week.  Today, we discovered that we have a fabulous mix of singers, dancers, musicians, actors, and directors…everyone found a way to be a star today!  We played musical games including musical towels (a twist on the usual chair version).  Some campers seized the opportunity to design their own instrument while others prefer a behind the scenes role and decided to make a director’s clapperboard to help them direct a performance.  Hollywood may think that they have all of the celebrities, but we have plenty of superstars right here at camp!

 *Reminder:  Please fill out the permission slip for Thursday’s trip to the Puppet Theater.
Download: Puppet Theater Permission Slip