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Introduction to Science

 We had a great first day of science week!

Today the Red Group had a great day! We spent time playing on the playground and sandbox. During field time we spent time in the water slide and played bob tag. During arts and crafts we had fun playing with “Orbeez” in the water table.

The Orange group started the day off at arts and crafts where we made catapults and launched pom-poms! We also made structures with spaghetti and marshmallows! We had fun playing on the playground and on the water slide! In the field we played mitosis tag and molecule tag!

The Yellow Group started the day playing “What time is it Mr.Fox?” and then played predator vs. prey and mitosis tag with the Green Group! We then drew our own constellations, did and egg drop, and made penny boats!

The Green Group loved playing predator v. prey and mitosis tag with yellow! We also did what scientists do and tested science experiments for our whole camp science fair!! The whole camp is looking forward to the science fair tomorrow and learning more for science week!

Permission Slip Information: online form or you can send in a paper copy

***Please Note: The field trip this week will be an extended day. We are hoping to be back at Oakland by 1:00. The bus route will start after we get kids onto the correct buses for their routes home! Thanks in advance for your

First Pool Day

Luckily, the sun came out just for us! We were planning on swimming in the rain, but it was a nice surprise to swim in the sun. Everyone had fun splashing around and swimming in the pool. It was a great pool day!

The Bus

The bus has been running late the past few days, but the bus drivers are getting used to their routes and the students are getting used to getting off the bus more quickly. Please plan to be out by your bus stop a little earlier than normal as the bus gets into their normal routine. Thanks for your patience!

Permission Slip

We will be going to Roger Williams Zoo next week. This will be an extended day. Please let us know if you will be joining us. The permission slips can be done online or you can send in a paper copy! Please note: if you submit the permission slip (online or hard copy), we will only contact you if we are missing your permission slip!

Donations Needed

If you are able to donate, we are in need of the following recyclables for science week. Thanks for your help!

  • empty 2 liter bottles
  • empty water or soda bottles
  • plastic bottle caps (gatorade, powerade, milk caps)

Lost and Found

See the photo below in case your child has left something behind! We will hold on to it for your child to collect it on Tuesday! In the future, make sure things are labeled in sharpie so that we can return items more efficiently!

Have a great weekend!

A Trip to the Movies!

Today we went to the movies to see Toy Story 4! It was a great movie with many laughs and messages of friendship and helping others. Everyone had fun watching the movie with all of the new friends from  Sunshine! Thank you for your patience with the buses being late this afternoon!

We are hoping to go to the pool tomorrow, so please send in your children already wearing their bathing suits and sunscreen (we can not apply sunscreen)! They should also have a change of clothes for afterwards (Label everything with sharpie so that we can return any items that get misplaced!) Also, please send in any Floaties that your children wear in the pool.

The forecast looks like we might have rain and thunderstorms. If it is light rain, we will still go to the pool. If there are downpours but no thunder, we will be under the tents and the gazebo. In case of thunderstorms or severe weather, we will use one of the rooms in the senior center for cover.

See you tomorrow!