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So Much Fun at the Zoo – Tomorrow is the Carnival !!!

It was a beautifully warm day for a trip to the zoo. A swarm of red shirts saw all kinds of animals, took a ride on either the train or the sky ride, and tried to feed the goats and deer. It was a perfect last field trip!

Tomorrow is our last day – can you believe it? Where did the summer go (I say that every year)?!

Our carnival will start tomorrow morning at 9:30 and end at 12:00. There will be a Tim Rice Photo Booth, and T C Scoops will make a special appearance!

Thanks for all the volunteer offers. Come at 9:15 and we’ll put you to work! 

Warm Regards,

Barbara Ohanian
Director, The Sunshine Group

Our Very Own Sunshine City and A Visit from Medway Police and Fire!

Today at The Sunshine Group, we had a super exciting day learning all about different occupations. Medway Police and Fire came to give presentations about safety and showed us their cruisers, trucks and ambulances!

Then the yellow and green groups put together the Sunshine City, including different shops, an arcade, a grocery store, a library and so much more! We spent the second half of the day playing, shopping and exploring within our own little town!

Reminder that permission slips are needed for tomorrow’s field trip to Southwick’s Zoo, and parents and families are welcome to join at no expense!

Parent Volunteers Needed for Friday’s Carnival

We are looking for parent volunteers to man the cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn etc. for the carnival on Friday.

Please email Barbara ASAP at if you are able to volunteer.