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Occupations / Travel Week Begins!

The Red Group started their day by playing a game of Around the World Kickball. Afterwards, they moved over to arts and crafts where they made passports and money thatthey used in their grocery store.

Orange Group started their day in arts and crafts, where they made passports, drew their favorite kind of transportation and made flags. In the field we talked about all the different kinds of occupations there are and what we all want to be when we grow up. We played a transportation version of fishy fishy cross my ocean and then some drip drip drop to cool down.

The Yellow and Green Groups spent their day making and prepping for the Sunshine City that they will put on tomorrow.

Parent Volunteers Needed for Friday’s Carnival

We are looking for parent volunteers to man the cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn etc. for the carnival on Friday. Please email Barbara at if you are able to volunteer!

Thursday’s Field Trip

Reminder to hand in permission slips for the field trip to Southwick’s Zoo on Thursday – parents and families are welcome to join!

Permission Slip for Thursday’s Trip to Southwick’s Zoo

On Thursday, 8/9, The Sunshine Group will be traveling to Southwick’s Zoo (

What to bring: snack, drink, lunch
What to wear: red camp t-shirt, sneakers

Special Note: The Sunshine Group would like to invite all parents and siblings to join us at the zoo. There will be no expense, but you will have to provide your own transportation (our buses are full!). It would be helpful if you could wear a red t-shirt, and a specific response and number of those attending is required when you return the permission slip.

Hope you can join us!