The Daily Blog

At the Pool on a Beautiful Friday!

It was a beautiful day at the pool today!  The sun was shining and the fish (I mean children) were swimming away in the refreshing water.  It was awesome watching the kids swimming and splashing and smiling in the water.

More animal conversation continued as we talked about the animals that live in the water and had a recap of our day at the zoo.  It was a fantastic first week and we cannot wait for week two.

Next week’s theme is Body in Motion!  Be ready to move!

A Fantastic Day at Southwick’s Zoo!

We had a fantastic time at Southwick’s Zoo today! It was a beautiful day and all of the animals were out and active. Monkeys were swinging through the trees and the white tiger was pacing back and forth. Campers had a chance to go on either the train ride or the sky ride and everyone had fun on both.

Tomorrow we will be swimming!! If possible, please send your child to camp in their swimsuits. Please pack a towel, change of clothes, and snack. We will be back from the pool at 12pm and the bus route home will start then. Hopefully the wonderful weather continues and the pool will be nice and refreshing!

The Animal Adventures Continue!

The animal adventures continued today!  There was a great deal of animal conversation throughout the day.  One group played a game in which they talked about all of the animals they hope to see at the zoo tomorrow.  Other groups were making binoculars to help them on a safari through the jungle!  There were animals hiding in secret places all over camp including snakes and tigers and groups went on a scavenger hunt trying to find them all!  

Please remember to wear your camp shirt and sneakers for the field trip tomorrow.  Be sure to pack a snack and lunch for tomorrow’s trip as well.  We will return to camp at 1pm.  The bus route will begin at that time.

Here is a brief summary of our daily schedules at camp:
Arts & Crafts at the top
Games/Activities at the bottom on the field/at the playground
10:00-10:15 – snack
10:15 – 10:30 – the whole camp reads!  Your child can bring in his/her favorite book to share with friends during this time!
Field Trips
Leave camp at 10am to go to pool in Milford
Return to camp at 12pm