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The Animal Adventures Continue!

The animal adventures continued today!  There was a great deal of animal conversation throughout the day.  One group played a game in which they talked about all of the animals they hope to see at the zoo tomorrow.  Other groups were making binoculars to help them on a safari through the jungle!  There were animals hiding in secret places all over camp including snakes and tigers and groups went on a scavenger hunt trying to find them all!  

Please remember to wear your camp shirt and sneakers for the field trip tomorrow.  Be sure to pack a snack and lunch for tomorrow’s trip as well.  We will return to camp at 1pm.  The bus route will begin at that time.

Here is a brief summary of our daily schedules at camp:
Arts & Crafts at the top
Games/Activities at the bottom on the field/at the playground
10:00-10:15 – snack
10:15 – 10:30 – the whole camp reads!  Your child can bring in his/her favorite book to share with friends during this time!
Field Trips
Leave camp at 10am to go to pool in Milford
Return to camp at 12pm

First Day Overview, Field Trip Permission Slip, Bus Route

Welcome to another wonderful summer with the Sunshine Group!  Children arrived this morning and headed right into the world of animals.  We will be learning about animals from all different habitats – from the rainforest to the ocean to the desert and everywhere in between!

Today, children made animal masks, mini aquariums, and even did some writing about animals!  Today was also an important day because everyone had the chance to design their own camp t-shirt using tie-dye!  The shirts will make us stand out nicely when we head to the zoo on Thursday.

Please print, sign, and return a slip (see link below) for your child(ren) tomorrow.  It will be exciting to continue our animal adventures tomorrow!

Important Documents:
2012 Bus Route
2012 Southwick Zoo Permission Slip

Welcome to Camp Sunshine 2012!

Download: 2012 Parents Welcome Letter

The start of camp is almost here.  We will have an Open House on July 9th from 6:30 – 7:30 at the Senior Center on Oakland Street.  This is a chance for you to come and see where camp is located and it is also a chance for you to meet the staff.  Having this so close to the start of camp usually helps to make Tuesday morning that much easier.

Camp starts on Tuesday, July 10 at 9am.  The bus will begin its route at 8am on that first day.  Please bear with us that first week as we work out all the kinks.  We can give you an estimate of the time the bus will arrive if you need to know, but be aware that it may change slightly as we settle into the route.

Our first field trip is booked!  We will be heading to Southwick’s Zoo on Thursday, July 12.  We want to be sure to experience as much as possible at the zoo and we plan to extend the day past 12pm.  Check the permission slip at the beginning of the first week for official times.

We will also be returning to the Milford Pool on Fridays starting on our first Friday, July 13.  Be sure to send your child with all necessary swimming items on Fridays (suit, towel, sunscreen, etc).  Camp ends at the regular time on these days.

Please be sure to check our website regularly, especially once camp begins.  There will be updates daily starting on the first day of camp.

Each Day:



-change of clothes (LABEL EVERYTHING)

-towel (LABEL)

**If your child is going to be picked up by anyone besides yourself, please put it in writing.  This person will be required to show some form of ID.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Barbara Ohanian 508 320-8518