Hiking, a Horse Named Princess, and More!

Fitness Week continued today with some wonderful activities!  We had some special events today.  Joe, one of our young CITs, presented the campers with a lesson about hiking.  He talked about equipment needed for hiking and offered the children with important safety tips.  We also had a special visit from some farm animals, including a horse named Princess.  The children were able to see the horse up close and some children even had the chance to brush her.  The children had the chance to create special team jerseys today after learning about some local sports teams.  The jerseys looked great as the children worked their way through the special obstacle course that had been set up.  It seems like everyone is ready for a trip to Hopkinton State Park and I think the muscles are ready for kayaking, swimming, and walking on the beach!

Hopkinton State Park Permission Slip

Download: Hopkinton State Park Permission Slip
For More Information: Hopkinton State Park


This Thursday, July 14th, we will be going to Hopkinton State Park  for a fun day in the sun! So that your child may participate, please download and print the Hopkinton State Park Permission Slip.  Make sure your select either Group A or B, sign the bottom, and return ASAP with your child to submit to us.

Please don’t wait until the day of the trip – we need to be able to provide numbers to the Park in advance!!

We are looking forward to a fabulous week!