Healthy Self and Fitness Week Started Today!

Healthy Self and Fitness Week started today!  It was definitely a hot day, so we continued to stress the importance of drinking lots of water (especially when exercising or playing games outside).  There was also some fabulous discussion going on about nutrition as the children learned about the information on food labels.

Zach, one of our CITs did an awesome presentation about lacrosse, showing the campers some of his equipment and how it helps him when he plays the sport.  We also learned about some basic parts of the human body as we constructed skeletons.  The more we know about our body, the healthier we can be!

*Reminder:  Please fill out the permission slip for Thursday’s trip to Hopkinton State Park.  We need slips to come in ASAP so we can give the park a count for kayaks.

Download: Hopkinton State Park Permission Slip