Friendship Week Continues – Please Submit Your Permission Slip for Tomorrow’s Trip!

It is clear that everyone at camp is finishing the summer with brand new friends and some have spent the summer reconnecting with old friends as well.  Today, friends were playing musical towels together, trying to pass a hula hoop through a circle of friends (while holding hands), completing a friendship scavenger hunt (trying to find a friend at camp who has the same favorite food), and making fabulous photo frames using magnets!  Tomorrow we head off on our final field trip of the summer.  Please remember to send in a permission slip with your choice for field trip.  Then we will cap off the summer with a fantastic carnival extravaganza!  Families of campers, CITs, volunteers, and staff are all more than welcome to join us for Friday’s fun!

**If you wish to help with the Carnival on Friday, please contact Patty Der Garabedian.  You can reach her by email: