Fun at the Museum of Science – Download the Sunshine Recipe Book!

Our scientists had a fantastic time exploring all the exhibits and displays at the Museum of Science yesterday. They learned about the science of the playground, dinosaurs, fossils, animals, motion, water, and so much more. We even had a special opportunity to explore the Butterfly Garden where some children were even lucky enough to have butterflies land right on them!

Today, we headed off to the pool for a nice refreshing dip in the water! The children had a blast getting cooled off in the water! We have some amazing swimmers at camp this year. They are sad to get out when it is time to get ready to return to camp.

Also today, everyone went home with a special gift. We made a special Sunshine Group Recipe book that includes the ingredients and directions for oobleck, play-doh, and ice cream. You can download and print this book at the link below.

Next week’s theme is Let’s Make Noise! Our field trip is going to be to the Bellingham Movie Theater where we will be seeing Brave. We have our own special showing at the theater. It will be brighter and the sound will not be nearly as loud as it usually is at the movies. The concession stand will not be open while we are there. Please return the permission slip as soon as possible.

Permission Slip – Bellingham Movie “Brave”
Sunshine Group Recipes