“Let’s Make Noise” Week Continues!

“Let’s Make Noise” week continued with instruments, dress up, and much more. Some of our counselors showcased special talents including playing the saxophone, playing the guitar, and tap dancing! Campers got dressed up in fun costumes and even had fun with face paint. Counselors were getting special treatment as campers put their artistic talent to work decorating their counselors! At the end of camp today, we had a chance to take a trip to Hollywood as campers and counselors made their way down the red carpet! Tomorrow we head to the movie theater to see Brave! Be sure to wear camp tshirts and sneakers. We will return to camp right after the movie and the bus route should start right around normal time. Please remember to send in permission slips.

FYI: We will be having our talent show on Friday this week. This will be a short presentation from about 9:15 – 10:00 and then we will jump on the bus and head to the pool to swim. Groups will be singing and dancing and there may even be some individual performances as well.