Day 2 of Camp – All About Animals

Imaginative play was mixed with learning about animals as we began day two at camp.

Group one played a super fun game of Simon Says which included sounding like a lion, standing like a flamingo, and getting wings like a bird!  Sometimes Simon tried to catch someone not listening but it didn’t work very often!  Our campers were listening carefully.

Group two created grasshoppers and other creatures at arts & crafts before heading down to the field to bring these creatures to life!

Tomorrow we head to Southwicks Zoo! Please remember to send in a signed permission slip: Southwick’s Zoo Permission Slip.  Your child(ren) will get their camp shirt tomorrow morning at camp.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 of Camp – All About Animals”

  1. Al LOVES being a CIT at Camp Sunshine Group. He says that one of his campers is, in his words, “AWESOME”. I love Camp Sunshine!

  2. That’s wonderful! We are so glad Al is having such a positive experience :o)

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