Transportation Week Begins!

Last week ended with a much needed trip to the pool to cool off after a hot week! The trip to the pool ended with a delicious Popsicle treat! Knowing that we needed to eat them quickly before they melted was a great end to a fascinating week of science.

Transportation week is off and running despite a wet start. Luckily, the rain stopped just after the start of camp and we were able to have all of our normal outside activities. The kids traveled all over the world after making passports. They went by boat, car, plane, and train. Tomorrow the travels continue!

Our field trip is to Hopkinton State Park for kayaking and swimming. Please remember to send in permission slips as soon as possible.

**There are lots of unclaimed/unlabeled clothes. If your child is missing something (shorts, shirts, underwear, and socks), please let us know so we can send the clothes home.**


Fill Out and Bring in:  Hopkinton State Park Permission Slip