Welcome to Sunshine Group 2014!

We are looking forward to an exciting, fun-filled summer (keeping our fingers crossed for good weather)!  Many of you have been with us before, but we have lots of new families joining us this year and we want to offer everyone some important, need to know information for the summer.

The Annual Open House will be held on Monday, July 7th from 6pm – 7pm at The Medway Senior Center on Oakland Street.  This will give you and your child(ren) an opportunity to see where camp is held, meet the staff, and answer any last minute questions you may have.

Important Things to Know

  1. Provide snack and drink for your child each day.  **Please be aware that we are a peanut-free zone**
  2. Label all clothing, towels, water bottles, backpacks, etc. – in case anything is left behind.
  3. Each child should come to camp with sunscreen already applied.  In addition, please pack a bathing suit, towel, extra sunscreen, and change of clothes because there is always a chance of water play. (**Remember to label EVERYTHING!**)
  4. Camp begins at 9am and ends at 12pm.
  5. Field Trips will be on Thursdays, swimming will be on Fridays.
  6. Permission slips for field trips will be on the website one week in advance.
  7. If someone other than you needs to pick up your child (at camp or off the bus), please provide us with a note in the morning stating the name of the person. We will ask to see photo ID when your child is picked up.
  8. If your child is taking the bus, the route will begin at 8am on the Milford side of town and arrives at camp at 9am.  The route will be available at the Open House to give you a sense of what time your stop will be.
  9. Please check the website every day to read our blog which offers a summary of the day’s events.

If you have any specific questions before the 7th, feel free to send us an email at Ohanian6@yahoo.com.  Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at Open House!


Barbara, Jill, and Kim