Music All Around Camp!

We marched to the beat of our own drums today (literally)!  

Music was everywhere and in so many different styles and varieties.  There were homemade guitars, drums, and maracas.  Groups did rhythm circles in which they created music using their hands, feet, and voices.  Some campers became rock stars with colorful wigs, boas, microphones, and more!

We had some special musicians with us today including Jerry and his saxophone, Joe and his guitar, Matthew and his keyboard, and Dave and his clarinet.  The children had a chance to hear and learn about these instruments.  Tomorrow, we will have even more musicians playing all day.

A reminder that our field trip is to the movie theater this week and we will be back at noon. Make sure to send in this permission slip

Our annual talent show will be this Friday at 9:30 and we invite families to join us for this event.  We will head to the pool as soon as the show is finished.