A Day of Creations and Experiments!

The creations that are made and the experiments that are tried make science week one of the most exciting at camp!  

Everyone was hard at work today designing containers to keep an egg safe in a long drop, making play dough, causing Ziploc bags to pop from a small reaction taking place inside, making tornadoes in a bottle, and so much more.  

They day finished with a cool experiment involving Diet Coke and Mentos.  The two create a reaction that results in a geyser erupting inside the soda bottle.  This was a fun demonstration to end the day!  

Tomorrow we get to continue exploring and learning as we head to the Children’s Museum and the Science Museum.  Please remember camp tshirts, sneakers, snack, water, and lunch.  We are scheduled to return to camp at 1pm.

Reminder to Bring in the Field Trip Permission Slip