Traveling the World

To start: There is a pink Barbie lunchbox missing.  Please double check backpacks to see if it accidentally ended up in the wrong one.

At camp today, we all became world travelers!  The day started with the making of passports.  Once those were complete, the whole camp headed to the airport.

Campers had their destinations listed on their tickets and they had their passport stamp as they went to each one.  Countries visited included Canada, Ireland, Scotland, China, India, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Australia, and France!  At each stop, children learned about language, customs, dress, art, games, and more!

Some travel only required a train ride or a quick boat ride, but other trips required a plane ride and campers had a fun time making their way through the metal detector at the the airport and getting their tickets checked.  The learning and excitement continues tomorrow!

Please remember to send in permission slips for our final field trip this Thursday!  And don’t forget, the carnival is this Friday and families are welcome to join us!