Dragons, Unicorns, Trolls, and More!

It was another exciting day in the mythical world!  We went on a walk in search of Big Foot (rumor has it the creature was spotted!), there was another fun game of trolls and treasure, and there was a very entertaining performance designed and performed by some of our counselors and volunteers.

The play included a giant flying squirrel trying to capture a dragon’s golden football.  He received some help in outsmarting the dragon from a horse and unicorn.  They soaked him to extinguish his fire-breathing and even got him with a shaving cream pie!  There was lots of laughter and the children really enjoyed the performance!

Please remember to send in permission slips tomorrow.

**Morning drop offs need to be at camp by 8:55 AM tomorrow morning so that our bus can leave for the zoo at 9am.

We will return by 12:30 PM so the children only need snack and drink.  Remember red camp t-shirts and sneakers as well!