Mythical Week Begins!

The imagination and creativity continues this week as we travel into the world of myths, magic, and fantasy!  There were dragons and unicorns, magic wands and fairy dust, and even wizard hats.  The variety of creations was amazing and seeing the magic wands really work was fantastic.  Counselors were being turned into frogs and cows, they were being frozen and unfrozen, and the look of wonder from our magical campers was awesome.

Our mini-sessions today included some Taekwondo, archery (like Robin Hood), dancing like the genie from Aladdin, and story telling about unicorns and magic.  We even had a fun game of Quidditch on the field.

Tomorrow the magic continues!  Please remember to send in the permission slip for Thursday’s trip to the zoo.  Also, as the weather warms up, please remember to send in water bottles.  We can refill them during the day.