Week 1, Day 2: Groups Use Teamwork to Create, Build and Discover

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Day two has been another success! The teamwork that has been happening within the groups is wonderful to see. Each group is working together to create, build, discover, and more!

Today, some groups took on a challenge to build a house for a creature to live in using limited supplies. They had to work together to figure out what would work best. Other groups worked together to design and build a train; communication was key as they fit the pieces together. Another group went on a scavenger hunt all over the field and playground to find puzzle pieces they had designed yesterday so they could put together their group design!

We Go to the Pool Tomorrow !!

Tomorrow, we head to the pool for our first day of swimming! Please send your child(ren) in bathing suits if possible, so they will be ready to get on the bus when it is time to head to the pool. If your child(ren) need any swimming assistance (floaties, wings, etc.), please be sure to pack them tomorrow as well.