Week 2, Day 2: Quidditch and Candy Land

A few important notes and reminders before getting into the excitement of the day:

  • Please remember to send in a permission slip if you have not already sent one in.

  • Children should have an orange camp t-shirt for field trips.  Please remember to wear it tomorrow.  If someone does not have one yet, they will be sure to get one first thing tomorrow morning.

  • It is important for children to wear sneakers on field trip days.

  • We hope to be back from the movie by about 12:15pm.  The bus routes will start by 12:30pm.

  • The two bus routes have been updated on the website.  Please take a look if your child(ren) take the bus.

  • Our website has a new feature.  You can sign up to receive email updates of our daily blog! Check it out!

**Thank you to everyone who has donated supplies and/or money to our program! We appreciate the support!**

Now for the fun and exciting updates!

It was a hot one at camp today and we were all happy to take water breaks in the shade and play in the pool and on the water slide. In between breaks, there was a great deal of fun and excitement happening.  Two major highlights of the day were Quidditch and Candy Land.  The green group did a wonderful job designing and organizing Candy Land with the help of some volunteers!  The other groups all seemed to have a blast playing.  Quidditch was lots of fun and Carolyn, our resident Harry Potter expert, did a fantastic job organizing it and explaining the rules!  Other activities of the day included decorating dragon eggs, planting beanstalks, and searching for Big Foot (rumor has it, we may have had a sighting)!  The excitement, investment, and cooperation we have seen in the first two weeks has been inspiring!  Cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer will bring!