Week 2, Day 3: Did They Find Dory?

The first field trip of the summer was a super success!  Everyone had fun seeing Finding Dory and it is always nice to see a movie on the big screen without the normal loud sounds that many of us are used to at the movies. The volume was perfect and the lighting allowed us to come in and out of the theater easily when we needed to.

Tomorrow, we head to the pool for swimming.  Please send your child(ren) in bathing suits, if possible, so they will be ready to get on the bus when it is time to head to the pool.  If your child(ren) need any swimming assistance (floaties, wings, etc), please be sure to pack them tomorrow as well.

Next Week’s Details

Next week’s theme is SCIENCE and our staff has some awesome activities planned that will be interesting and exciting! Our field trip on Thursday will be to Children’s Museum (Red and Orange groups) and Science Museum (Yellow and Green groups).  Here is the permission slip:

7/21 Field Trip Permission Slip