Week 2, Day 4: The Perfect Pool Day!


What a beautiful day for a trip to the pool!  The water was a bit chilly, but it was refreshing on a day like today.  Before heading to the pool, we were entertained by some of the staff with a fun mythical adventure performed in the field about a group of brothers in search of a magical conch shell!  After that, we were off to the pool where there was lots of splashing and laughing as everyone cooled off in the water.

As promised, next week’s permission slip has been posted.  Please read the information carefully as we will be in two different locations and we will be returning later than normal.

Finally, a Red Sox hat has been misplaced and we wonder if it may have accidentally ended up in the wrong backpack.  Please let us know if it is located.

Cannot believe we are already through two weeks!  Next week’s theme is science and the fun will continue!  Have a great weekend!