Week 3, Day 2: Oobleck, Plate Tectonics and DNA

Tomorrow, All Groups will be Going to The Boston Museum of Science!

Please remember to wear an orange shirt and sneakers, and bring a snack, lunch and water.  We will return at 2pm.

It was another day of discovery and learning!  Our scientists were busy creating, exploring, investigating, laughing, and smiling!  We made our own bubbles and created ooey, gooey Oobleck!  There were many experiments tried today including building penny boats, designing a container to (hopefully) keep an egg safe when it drops, mixing mentos and diet coke or baking soda and vinegar to see the reactions, and creating lava lamps.  We also had some opportunities to learn about topics such as plate tectonics and DNA.  The levels we reach during this week is always so amazing!  From our youngest group to our oldest group the questions and discoveries are endless!

The important thing is to never stop questioning.

Albert Einstein