Week 3, Day 4: Great Day at the Pool!


Everyone took a refreshing dip in the pool today! The cool water felt wonderful in this hot weather. Children had fun splashing, playing with friends, and laughing. There was even a fun game of duck, duck, goose happening in the pool! (Apparently it is tough to catch the other person in the water). We will not be at the pool next week, but will return for our last swim the week after.

Important: Next week, there is a switch in our schedule. Our field trip is on Friday instead of Thursday. We will remain at the senior center on Thursday with fun activities. We will also be having our annual Talent Show on Thursday, July 28th at 11am.

Also, when there is a change in pickup, dropoff, bus stop, etc. it helps to alleviate confusion and concern for us if we have the information in writing. It also allows all necessary people to be aware of the change. The best way to make us aware of changes is through the gmail account: campsunshinegroup@gmail.com.