A Fun and Memorable Week Despite the Rain

Today, the rain held off most of the morning, which was good, but it seemed like it was warmer being in the pool than out of it, which always makes it a little tougher to get out of the water. We wrapped up in towels, changed quickly, and headed back on the bus so no one was cold for too long.

Despite a bit of a rainy week, there were countless smiles, laughs, explorations, discoveries, and bright ideas. We are hoping for more sunshine – we are the   Sunshine Group  after all!

Next week’s field trip will be to Hopkinton State Park for kayaking or time at the beach. Send in your permission slips and waivers ASAP next week:

Download this 2-page Permission Slip and Waiver

Red Group listening to a story while drying off and having snack
Orange Group splashing away in the pool
Yellow group playing together in the water
Green Group demonstrating awesome science experiments before heading off to the pool
The whole camp was enthralled by green group’s science demonstrations!