Games, Crafts and Learning About Water

Our week of Water Adventures continued today with many games, crafts and learning about water!  We tied water into art, science, and many other cool things! We had lots of fun creating an ocean in our tent and decorating our camp fish with personalized scales!

The Red Group made hair gel aquariums and colored fish for the Sunshine Group Aquarium!

The Orange Group had fun with ice painting, making scales for the camp fish, and created sea creatures out of paper plates! They played awesome games down at the field organized by the green group, and some obstacle courses set up by their counselors!

The Yellow Group had a water relay and continued playing their “Sponge Fling” game, as well as played games organized by the green group! For crafts they made fish scales, sea creatures and slime.

The Green Group taught the orange and yellow groups ocean themed games, helped turn the tent into an aquarium by cutting out water shapes and seaweed, as well as lake-based experiments that regarded oil spills, ocean layers, and buoyancy!

A reminder that tomorrow’s field trip is to Hopkinton State Park for kayaking or playing on the beach.

Send in your permission slips and waivers TOMORROW – please remember to fill out the permission slip even if you’ve filled out the waiver!
Everyone needs a waiver in order to kayak! Please send your child(ren) in their bathing suits, with their blue camp shirt over!