Gearing up for the Talent Show

Everyone is gearing up for a great performance at tomorrow’s Talent Show (starts at 11am – please join us). In addition to preparation for the show, we also had many other wonderful activities going on today!

Remaining field trip permission slips:
7/28 Walpole Theater Permission Slip
8/3 Southwick’s Zoo Permission Slip
8/10 Bellingham Movie Permission Slip

 The red group painted with ice cubes and created Hollywood stars to hang on the tent. At the field, they drew with chalk and played freeze dance. They also spent some time preparing for tomorrow’s show.

 The orange group made instruments and painted with ice cubes. They danced and tried out the whole group game during choice and then did some talent show practice and freeze dance to end the day.

  The yellow group worked on a few different activities including musical hula hoops, freeze dance, planning a whole group game, and then helped with setup for the talent show and made instruments to finish the day.

The green group worked with yellow group to create, setup and run an awesome game for the whole group and did a great job getting the tent ready for tomorrow’s show.

Don’t forget: talent show is tomorrow and field trip is on Friday (a little different than normal)!