Opening Day – Here Comes The Sunshine Group!

We are up and running for the summer of 2017!  We started our morning singing together! We sang “Here Comes the Sun” and “You Are My Sunshine.”  It was a wonderful way to bring the whole group together before we broke off into our groups.

As we all got to know each other in our groups, different colors used different activities to fit the ages.  In the red group, they did a shaving cream and paint mixing activity, made a friendship chain, and played a name game using a ball.  In orange group, they made name tags for a friend within the group, made an “all about me” leaf for a group tree, and then played a teamwork water relay to cool off.  In yellow group, they did a hula hoop relay working as a team, played a group game of “Night at the Museum” and made friendship bracelets.  In green group, they played a teamwork blindfold treasure collection, a name scavenger hunt, and took on a challenge trying to write with a marker that had string attached to it.

All in all, it was a wonderful start to what is sure to be an incredible summer!