Week 2 – Building, Creating, Discovering and More!

It was another beautiful day for the Sunshine Group as we continued our week making friends and learning to work as a team. There were giggles, smiles, high fives, and cheers as everyone was excited to start the day and find out what activities their counselors had planned.

The red group became very engaged with nature as they went on a nature walk and made some designs with leaves.  They also made slime and played “fishy, fishy cross my ocean.”

 The orange group planted grass, built structures using toothpicks and spice drops and made and played with bubbles as well!

  The yellow group played a few science based tag games, went on a nature walk, learned about rocks and the insides of computers.

 The green group did some experiments and worked with some of the other groups to help with demonstrations or to develop activities for the week.

The discoveries and excitement continue tomorrow!

Permission Slip

Please remember to send in this permission slip for our trip to the Museum of Science.  Also, it is important to remember that everyone needs their blue and yellow camp t-shirt and sneakers for field trip days!