Week 3 – Water Adventures Week Begins!

As we began our week of Water Adventures, everyone enjoyed a nice sunny morning while doing the activities their counselors planned for them! We started off the morning talking about the weekend and singing songs, leading us to go on to learn all about the different things water has to offer! Luckily our morning was dry, but the water adventures continued on the way home with the rain.

 In the red group, they made ocean slime and paper bowl jellyfish to learn about what the ocean looks like.  They also played “Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean” to get a taste of what it feels like to be a fish!

 In the orange group, they played with some foamy sand and made tin foil boats at arts and crafts, and tested the boats during field time! There was a lot of smiles and laughs on the waterslide and the sandbox, as well as while playing water relays to cool off!

  In the yellow group, everyone enjoyed the “Sponge Fling” game, played with sponges to cool off, and penny boats which were made out of tin foil, and then tested for buoyancy with rocks! Arts and crafts were filled with stations of hair gel aquariums, tin foil creatures, and paper plate sea creatures!

In the green group, they practiced playing ocean themed games that will be taught to the younger groups tomorrow, as well as made a camp wide aquarium under the tent. Many of the green group members read stories to the younger groups during snack time, which was enjoyable for all!

Field Trip Reminder

A reminder that this week’s field trip is to Hopkinton State Park for kayaking or playing on the beach.  Send in your permission slips and waivers ASAP!  Everyone needs a waiver in order to kayak!