Week 4 – The Stars Are Shining!

It is “color and arts” week for The Sunshine Group and the stars have come out to shine! We have musicians, artists, actors/actresses, and more! The talents are being revealed and Thursday’s show will be wonderful – don’t miss it!!

On Thursday, we will have our Annual Talent Show under the tent from 11am-12pm. Please join us if you can! 

Reminder to parents: If you are in a hurry when you pickup at 12, do not park near the buses. You cannot go out around them. You will need to wait for them to pull out before you are able to leave.

* * Remember: The field trip is on Friday this week. Bring in the Walpole Theater Permission Slip ASAP!

 The red group decorated red diamonds for the top of the sunshine rainbow, made maracas with rice and pasta, and explored colors while playing Red Light, Green Light!

 The orange group created masterpieces for the sunshine museum, traced each other with chalk and decorated the creations, and there were lots of dancing and singing breaks as well!

  The yellow group played some musical chairs (using old Sunshine t-shirts in place of chairs) while listening to live music, they had a live performance from their guitar playing counselors during snack, and then they started planning performances for the talent show on Thursday.

The green group planned some activities for other groups to try tomorrow and then they combined efforts with yellow to design and develop an entire game from scratch.

Tomorrow, the performances, creations, and activities continue. Hopefully the sun will join us and warm it up a bit!