Final Week – A Visit From Medway Fire & Police!

It is hard to believe that today was the first day of our last week! It has been an amazing summer but it has gone by so quickly.

Yesterday began a week about occupations and the futures look bright! At the end of our day, we had a special visit from the Medway Fire Department and the Medway Police Department! Firefighters Chris, Craig and Ramsey talked about fire safety and how the firefighters do their job (including all the gear they need to wear) and then we had the chance to see the fire truck and ambulance up close and personal. Officer Tony then talked about what police officers do and how they help to protect us. When he was finished, we had the opportunity to see his rolling office (his police car) where he has a computer and other equipment so he can work on the go!

Today, the excitement continues with a job fair and our own small businesses up and running with the help of the green group and yellow group.

Reminder: Thursday’s field trip is to the Movie Theater in Bellingham. Please send in the Bellingham Movie Permission Slip.

Also, any parents who are able to help with the carnival on Friday morning, please contact Barbara. Families looking to join us for the carnival should plan to be here any time between 10am and 12pm.

Before our special visitors came yesterday, groups were busy with lots of fun activities:
 The red group drew themselves as what they wanted to be when they grow up. Then they became archaeologists and dug for dinosaurs in the sand table. Unfortunately, the group leader Emily went missing and they had to use their detective skills to find clues around camp to locate her.

 The orange group made ID cards for what they want to be when they grow up. They drew pictures of themselves at their future jobs. At the basketball court, they traced themselves with chalk and filled in their bodies with what they will wear when they are grown up and working.

  The yellow group played a firefighter sponge relay, practicing teamwork skills and then played a cops and robbers version of tag. Some worked on their plans for the job fair tomorrow while others created their plans for the future in picture form.

The green group was busy all morning planning and preparing for today’s job fair and town setting activities. They worked hard creating backdrops for their businesses, money for sales, and products to sell.

Officer Tony let us check out the inside of his police car
Firefighter Chris gave an awesome presentation about working as a firefighter
Everyone listened carefully during the presentations and many excellent questions were asked
Firefighter Craig showed us how to get into the firefighters’ gear and showed us how it worked