Healthy Self, Healthy Food, and Safety

Today, we continued our discussion and activities about healthy self (moods, stress relief, etc), healthy food (choices, food groups, food pyramid), and safety (fire, playground, parking lot, heat, and more).

 The red group tried a calming tool called Orbeez (water beads), they made a healthy dinner by drawing it on a plate, and they shopped for healthy foods at the grocery store.

 The orange group made a sports magazine cover, gave compliments to friends, and added their favorite food to the giant camp plate. They also did a huge group session of yoga while talking about healthy bodies and the importance of drinking water.

  The yellow group did an activity about fire safety, relaxed with some yoga, and played a healthy food relay. They also did a compliment bag offering kind words to their group mates and learned about the parts of the brain.

The green group (with a little help from yellow) ran an awesome choice event with Olympic events. There were laurel wreaths and medals for participants.

Health week continues tomorrow at the zoo learning about the health, care and safety of animals. Please remember camp shirts, sneakers, and snack. Also, send in permission slips if you have not yet.

Remaining field trip permission slips:
7/28 Walpole Theater Permission Slip
8/3 Southwick’s Zoo Permission Slip

Red group shopping for healthy food at the grocery store
Orange group stretching and staying calm with some yoga
Yellow group learning about the parts of the brain and how they work