Week 5 – Healthy and Happy!

This week our theme is Health. We covered a wide variety of health topics including food choices, taking care of ourselves, fire safety, playground safety and more!

 The red group learned about brushing teeth (and actually got to do some brushing of big paper teeth), created plates of their favorite foods, and learned about fire safety (stop, drop, and roll)!

  The yellow group was busy in the field playing a food pyramid version of predator vs. prey, trying a food relay, and doing yoga. For crafts, they made stress balls, sensory bags, and labeled a skeleton.

The green group was hard at work developing activities for other groups and many members of the green group joined the three younger groups to help with activities, model for younger children, and share their sunshine enthusiasm!

The fun continues tomorrow with Olympic events and more! On Thursday, we head to Southwick’s Zoo to learn about the health and safety of the animals. Please remember to send in permission slips.

Remaining field trip permission slips:
7/28 Walpole Theater Permission Slip
8/3 Southwick’s Zoo Permission Slip

The Yellow Group relaxing and stretching with some yoga
The Red Group creating a plate with their favorite foods
The Orange Group talking about fire and playground safety (while cooling off)
The Green Group went to work in other groups, helping and modeling for younger kids