Crafts, Scavenger Hunt and Swimming

As our first week came to a close, we were excited and ready to go to the pool after the hot day we had yesterday.

We had a nice morning continuing to make crafts with our favorite characters. The Red Group decorated Nemo and Dory, the Orange Group decorated shields and created their very own characters. The Green and Yellow Group put together a Pirate Scavenger Hunt for the Orange Group.

We then made our way to the pool, and even though we got cut short by the rain, we had the best time swimming with all of our new friends, and reading and singing with our counselors on the bus ride home!

Next week’s theme is: Sports / Olympics

Remember that The Sunshine Group doesn’t meet on Mondays. Have a great weekend and see you soon!

2 thoughts on “Crafts, Scavenger Hunt and Swimming”

  1. CJ has had a blast for his first few day at camp
    Thank You for providing a positive experience

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