From the Director – Important Mid-Summer Updates

Time for a Mid-Summer Update

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1. Permission slips for this Thursday’s field trip must include a signed waiver – included with permission slip. If there is no waiver, or if you choose, the children will swim at the beach nearby.

2. Next week – our field trip will be on Friday, July 27, so there will be no swimming. The talent show is scheduled for 11:00 on Thursday, July 26. You may take your child home with you after the show, just be sure to let his/her counselor know that you are doing that.

3. Reminder: this must be a peanut-free program. We are especially vulnerable when everyone is having a snack on the bus, which happens on field trip days. Please plan snacks accordingly.

4. The bus, oooohhh the bus.
Our goal is to start the morning run at 8:00, and the afternoon run at 12:00. Because we have weeks where there may be several absences, allow us a little extra leeway for pick-up and drop-off times. They will not be before 8:00, or before 12:00, like they were today. My apologies for the confusion!

5. Lost and found (so far):
– A white pair of Hello Kitty sunglasses
– A pinkish-purple bath towel
– A hooded Star Wars bath towel

6. If your child is going to be out, not taking the bus when he normally does (or taking the bus when he/she normally doesn’t), going someplace else at the end of the day (a different stop, perhaps), PLEASE PUT IT IN WRITING, either as a text , email, or paper copy. We want to make sure everyone gets home safely!


Any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask or share.


Barbara Ohanian
Director, The Sunshine Group
(508) 320-8518