Hollywood Week – Preparing for Thursday’s Talent Show!

Today’s Sunshine Report

Red Group started our day with dress up, made our own red group walk of fame, made maracas and practiced our talent show performance!

Orange Group started their day by decorating their own stars for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, we then made maracas using water bottles, beans and rice! We moved to the field and played a game of Museum. We discussed what we would be doing for the talent show on Thursday and finished our day by pretending to be celebrity’s bodyguards with a game of Capture the Flag!

Yellow and Green Group started planning their routines for talent show, along with coming up with decoration ideas. We then did project runway, where we designed costumes and put on a fashion show. We finished our day by playing Capture the Celebrity with the Orange Group.

This Week’s Talent Show and Field Trip

The talent show will be on Thursday this week.

The field trip will be this Friday, to see Beauty and the Beast at the Walpole Theater.  Permission slip is below:

7/27 Walpole Theater: Permission Slip

2018 Weekly Themes

Week 4: Hollywood
Week 5: Wacky. Mythology
Week 6: Occupations / Travel

2018 Field Trips & Activities

7/26 – Annual Talent Show
7/27 (Friday) – Walpole Children’s Theater
8/2 – Bellingham Movie Theater
8/10 (Last Day) – Carnival