Let the Olympic Games Begin!

Required Permission Slip Due ASAP! – 7/12 Bass Pro Shops Permission Slip

Afternoon Bus Route Clarification – The route for dropoff is exactly the same as the morning route (not reversed)

Today’s Sunshine Report

The Red Group was super excited for the second week, which is themed Sports and Olympics Week. We started with a game of popcorn on our parachute and then quickly moved to a game of Olympic kickball. After snack we made some medals and flags for a ceremony tomorrow. We ended the day with water games, freeze dance and an Olympic ring game. We can’t wait to see everybody tomorrow!

The Orange Group started our day with circle, singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game, then we headed to field games, where we played Drip Drip Drop and a Name Game, because we are still trying to learn the names of all our new friends. We then had snack where we read books all about athletes and sports. After, we headed over to arts and crafts where we made Olympic medals and paper bag puppets of athletes! We can’t wait for the Olympic ceremony that the Yellow and Green Groups are putting on tomorrow!

Yellow and Green Groups made Olympic medals, crowns and flags. They played some Olympic-inspired games in the field. They also prepared to host a program-wide Olympic event tomorrow!


7/12 – Bass Pro Shops
7/19 – Hopkinton State Park (kayaking)
7/27 (Friday) – Walpole Children’s Theater
8/2 – Bellingham Movie Theater

Make sure to send in the permission slip above with your child(ren), as it is required for Thursday’s trip to Bass Pro Shops.

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  1. Meant to ask, do you know the date of the talent show? Wanted to put it on the calendar.

  2. I See the children are supposed to wear red camp T-shirts on field trip days, I was wondering when they get the T-shirts?

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