Pool Fun in the Sunshine

Friday’s Sunshine Report

Everyone was so excited for our first full pool day this summer!

We all had so much fun splashing around, some of us had fun playing catch with beach balls. Other members of the Yellow and Green Groups did a great job passing the swim test, showing some Olympic swimming skills – it was a great way to cool off after a long, hot week!

Week 3 will be devoted to Nature, Water and Science and the field trip on Thursday will be to Hopkinton State Park. 

7/19 Hopkinton State Park: Permission Slip

See you on Tuesday!

2018 Weekly Themes

Week 3: Nature / Water / Science
Week 4: Hollywood
Week 5: Wacky. Mythology
Week 6: Occupations / Travel

2018 Field Trips & Activities

7/19 – Hopkinton State Park (kayaking)
7/26 – Annual Talent Show
7/27 (Friday) – Walpole Children’s Theater
8/2 – Bellingham Movie Theater
8/10 (Last Day) – Carnival