Science Week Continues with Microbiology and Archaeology

Wednesday’s Sunshine Report

Today the red group started their day by playing fishy fishy cross my ocean, and playing with Orbeez in the sensory bin! They became archaeologists when they went on a fossil dig in the sandbox!

Orange Group started their day by becoming engineers and building structures using just raw spaghetti and mini marshmallows. We then switched to marine biologists and built our own aquariums in ziplock bags! We then learned about microbiology while playing amoeba tag!

The Yellow and Green Groups spent their morning setting up the science fair! They prepped over 21 stations, including bubbles, catapult building and sling shots!

For the second half of our day, everyone walked around to different stations and learned new experiments from the older groups! The Orange and Red Group had so much fun participating in all of these activities, all thanks to Yellow and Green!

Reminder: You MUST have a permission slip in order to go on the field trip tomorrow, and if your child is kayaking they must also have the additional Float Plan form

7/19 Hopkinton State Park: Permission Slip

2018 Weekly Themes

Week 3: Nature / Water / Science
Week 4: Hollywood
Week 5: Wacky. Mythology
Week 6: Occupations / Travel

2018 Field Trips & Activities

7/19 – Hopkinton State Park (kayaking)
7/26 – Annual Talent Show
7/27 (Friday) – Walpole Children’s Theater
8/2 – Bellingham Movie Theater
8/10 (Last Day) – Carnival