Science Week Experiments and Learning

Tuesday’s Sunshine Report

Today was a great kick off for science week! So many of us already know a lot about all different kinds of science, and we are excited to teach others and learn more! 

The red group made gel aquariums to learn all about he ocean and fish. They made gloopy slime where they saw how different things can react together! In the field the played predator vs prey, learning about the food chains and what different animals eat. Then they cooled down using animal water squirters!

Orange group started their day playing drip drip drop and talked about the science of water! We then worked in groups to make contraptions for an egg drop! Working with our counselors and other campers, everyone was able to make a successful egg drop that didn’t crack! 

The Yellow and Green group worked on their science experiments for the science fair they will be holding tomorrow. The played predator vs prey, and talked about the food chain. Finally they played a super fun game of sponge fling, learning about inertia and energy! 

Reminder to hand in permission slips for the field trip on Thursday to Hopkinton State Park, and make sure the waiver on page 2 is also signed! 

7/19 Hopkinton State Park: Permission Slip

2018 Weekly Themes

Week 3: Nature / Water / Science
Week 4: Hollywood
Week 5: Wacky. Mythology
Week 6: Occupations / Travel

2018 Field Trips & Activities

7/19 – Hopkinton State Park (kayaking)
7/26 – Annual Talent Show
7/27 (Friday) – Walpole Children’s Theater
8/2 – Bellingham Movie Theater
8/10 (Last Day) – Carnival