A Great First Day of the 2019 Summer Session!

Today was a great first day! We were so excited to see familiar faces and greet new ones!

The Yellow Group made pinatas and monsters out of paper bags at crafts. Then they participated in a sponge relay while trying to stay cool, and had some fun on the playground!

The Red Group friends had so much fun meeting new buddies and seeing old friends! We adventured to the playground and played many fun field activities such as noodle tag, sprinkler fun, and wacky kickball! For crafts, Red Groups created a friendship paper chain and learned about mixing colors. Can’t wait for a great day tomorrow!

The Orange Group started the day at crafts where we made paper plate masks, puzzle pieces, and wacky straw paintings! Then we had fun at the playground, running through the sprinkler, and playing with playdough. At the field we cooled off with a frozen T-shirt race, and played Fishy-Fishy!

The Green Group met each other with a fun getting to know you game called Me-You-You-Me! Then we decided to break into groups and make wacky crafts! Next, we played some wacky games, including the marble relay! Green Group is planning on hosting a whole-camp wacky fashion show, we are so excited!! We can’t wait for another great day tomorrow!

Tomorrow for our second day of Wacky Week we will be having a wacky fashion parade, we can’t wait to see what wacky outfits are in store!! Make sure to wear your wacky hats, outfits, and do your hair in a wacky style! We will also have some accessories for kids to wear if they forget!