Fantasy Wednesday!

Today was a very magical and adventurous day!

Today, the Red Group had an awesome time adventuring around, doing many different activities! We played on the playground and in the sandbox, digging for gems during free choice time! We went on a hike to see Bigfoot and went on a dinosaur egg hunt and won prizes at the end! What a super fun day!

The Orange Group started with arts and crafts where we made our own fairies and dragon eggs! Then, we made our own superhero logos! We ended the day with a treasure hunt and we searched for (and found) Bigfoot!

The Yellow Group started the day in the field with mummy wrap where the kids got to make the counselors into mummies! We also played quidditch, and a yellow brick road relay! We also made paper roll dragons, wands, and our own super-hero logos!

The Green Group did a lot today for the entire Sunshine Group! We played quidditch, “Trolls vs. Treasure!” and then some mini golf! For the Red Group we held a dragon egg scavenger hunt, and for the Orange Group we held a pirate treasure hunt! Today was a great magical and fantasy filled day!

Tomorrow we will be going to the pool! And Friday we can’t wait for the Walpole Children’s Theater where we will see the Wizard of Oz!

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Important Info about The Play

The Wizard of Oz – Walpole Children’s Theater

Below is a preview of the play we will be seeing on Friday. The trailer includes images of the witch, the monkeys and the Wizard of Oz which might be useful to preview the elements that may be scary for your child. We have been told that scary elements have been balanced by funny characters and scenes with the witch are not very long. However, if you have a child that may be scared of these things, it might also be helpful to watch the original wizard of Oz, as Walpole Children’s Theater explained to us that the play is very similar to the original movie. It might also reassure little ones to know that the characters will be all right at the end!

Wonderful Wizard of Oz Trailer

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz opened last night to rave reviews!! Beat the heat in our air conditioned theater and help WCT celebrate 50 years!

Posted by Walpole Children's Theatre on Saturday, July 20, 2019

(Once the video starts playing, click the speaker icon on the bottom right if you don’t hear sound.)