Science Fair

Today was a great second day of science week here at camp! Today Red Group had a lot of fun learning and experimenting! We played planet kickball, spent a lot of time building in the sand box, and playing with “Orbeez”! We are all very excited for the zoo field trip tomorrow!

The Orange Group started the day off at arts and crafts by building contraptions for an egg drop out of recycled materials, and making our own aquariums! Then we had a lot of fun playing on the playground, in the sandbox, and at the water slide! Then we tested our egg drops with a lot of success! We had a lot of fun at the science fair at the end of the day where we did a lot of activities like rockets, and learning about some fun experiments!

The Yellow Group started the day with a scavenger hunt, infection tag, and blog tag! Then we made water bottle tornados, and spaghetti and marshmallow structures! At the science fair we played with “oobleck,” and cups that we turned into telephones using string!

Today the Green Group ran an amazing whole camp science fair! Some of the stations included elephant toothpaste, baking soda and vinegar rockets, catapults, sponge balls, “oobleck,” cup phones, marble towers, and puffy paint! We can’t wait for another amazing field trip tomorrow!

We are so excited for our field trip to Rodger Williams Zoo tomorrow! A reminder to wear the yellow camp shirts, and a rain jacket because we will be going rain or shine! There is also a late dismissal tomorrow. We are planning on being back at 1:00 p.m!! The bus route will start after we get back to camp! Thanks in advance for your patience!

Last call for permission slips: online form or you can send in a paper copy