A Day at the Circus!!

Today was a great second day of circus week!

The Red Group friends had a lot of fun playing on the playground and in the sandbox! We also rehearsed for the talent show! A reminder to the Red Group friends to wear their yellow camp shirts tomorrow for the talent show!

The Orange Group made cotton candy paint at craft today! Then we played with chalk and played freeze dance at field! We also rehearsed our acts for the talent show!

The Yellow Group did the human knot today and made popcorn bags and clown bow ties! We also made circus tents! The Green Group set up carnival games like ski-ball, Frisbee golf, and water tower knockdown and played with Yellow Group!

Green Group also made bow ties, played with Legos, and had fun with the marble run! We set up the tent for the whole group talent show and cannot wait to see all the amazing acts tomorrow!

Please join us for the Talent Show tomorrow from 10:45 to 12:00!

Parents are also welcome to join us for the Carnival on Friday from 9:30 to 12:00!