Sunshine Marketplace!!

Wednesday was an amazing day in our time travel week with the annual Sunshine Marketplace!

Today at the Sunshine Group, Red Group played on the park during choice time! During field games, we played old fashion backyard games, such as red rover and ring around the rosy! Then we went to the sunshine marketplace where our friends from yellow and green group helped us have so much fun!!

Today the Orange Group made a time capsule with some fun facts about ourselves, and also made time travel watches! Then we played a giant game of freeze dance and robot tag! At the end of the day we enjoyed the marketplace, thank you green and yellow groups!

The Yellow Group had a great day! We started out by helping Green Group with their marketplace. Some of us then did a dinosaur scavenger hunt, and a wild west relay! Then at arts and crafts, we made flying saucers and records!

The Green Group spent their day setting up the Sunshine Marketplace for everyone! The market included a bank, a grocery store, a tattoo parlor, jewelry store, an airport, a gym, a toy store, disco club, a library, a clothing shop, music store, restaurant, doctor’s office, and post office!!

We are all so excited for the field trip to the museum of science tomorrow!!

Museum of Science Permission Slip