Sunshine Online – Week 2: Character Week! 

Hello Sunshine Families,

We hope that you enjoyed last week’s activities and welcome any feedback you may have!

Online Survey

We have created a very short survey that we would love for you to fill out: Sunshine Online Survey. We would love to know how many families are participating and which parts of the program your family enjoys. If you would like, you can also let us know what worked well or if you have any suggestions. Thank you for your time and feedback!

Welcome to Week 2!

With that being said, welcome to week 2! The theme of the week is Characters. Activities will be based on favorite fictional characters from books and movies. You can access the slideshows containing daily activities from our Virtual Programming Calendar.

If you haven’t joined our private Facebook group, you can do so to interact with us, share your activities and see what projects other children are working on! There will also be a weekly Facebook challenge! Of course, joining the group is completely voluntary, but we have taken measures to ensure that it is a private group. We are screening the members for this group to ensure that it is only sunshine families who can join. In addition to screening members of the group, we are moderating the posts to ensure that content matches our high standards of accepting, respecting and celebrating each individual!

Take Care,
The Sunshine Group