End of Year Video Message from the Sunshine Group

Hello Sunshine Families,

We hope that you had a summer filled with fun and smiles! Whether you used our virtual programming or had your own fun, please know that we missed you very much and hope to see you next summer! Feel free to continue to use our Virtual Activities for fun activities to try throughout the year.

In the meantime, here is an end of year video that we put together with a special message for you to enjoy!

End of Year Video Message

We hope you have a safe and successful year, and look forward to seeing you next summer!

Take Care,
The Sunshine Group

2 thoughts on “End of Year Video Message from the Sunshine Group”

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful message and video! The kids have been missing their counselors and friends so much!! Thank you for all of your hard work! See you next summer! Stay Well!

  2. What an amazingly wonderful job you did all summer for the program. Iā€™m so very proud of the Sunshine staff, and appreciate the creative and positive approach you took to make the best of an unforgettable situation. I knew I left it in good hands!!! šŸ‘ šŸŒž

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