Sunshine Online – Week 5: Fun in the Sun

Hello Sunshine Families,

Welcome to week 5 of Sunshine Online! This week our theme is Fun in the Sun! We thought this was a perfect theme for the SUN-shine group! All activities this week will be sun themed! This could mean making a sun themed craft, or it could mean exploring the sun’s power by playing with shadows or learning about rainbows – or it could be any type of fun activity to do in the sun! The possibilities are endless! You might notice that a lot of the activities also have to do with water – that is because it is important to stay cool when you are having fun in the sun, and activities with water are the best on a hot sunny day!!

You can access the slideshows containing daily activities from our Virtual Programming Calendar.

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We hope you enjoy this week’s games, crafts and activities!

– The Sunshine Group